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Thursday, February 11, 2010

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change to a new job..

haha..utk post kali ni, aq nk cite something kat korg..hik3..kalo korg nk tau,aq da quit dr syrkt d'subha multi industries..and now, aq keje kat tmpt aq training dulu..Avillion Legacy Hotel Melaka..as a "Guest Service Assistant"..tercapai la gak cita2 aq nk keje Front Desk..or Front Office..tp as ussual..every single keje yg kite wat mesti la kite kena blaja dulu kn?..so same la ngan aq..da lame x tgk system..mule ar blur2..tp it's ok..kite yg wat die..haha...yg penting, aq dpt job yg better dr yg dulu kot.. InsyaAllah...
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