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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Home » Cry Again.. ~~~

Cry Again.. ~~~

Salam readers..
U know, today, i'm crying again.. Because of him..
But i x salahkan dia dlm hal ni.. mmg i yg bersalah.. Coz byk menyakitkan hati dia.. But i think, he must know that i'm a girl.. I'm a GIRL.. Still a girl.. that have one soft heart.. I x sanggup nk luahkan nya sebab i tau, i akan kalah dengan perasaan i sendiri..

Okey, actually.. i admit yg hati i telah terluka.. TERLUKA lagi..!!
Maybe dari pandangan mata kasar, i ni tough.. i boleh berdikari sendiri.. tp sebenarnya tidak!!
I am a weak girl!! Weak!! Why must i fall into a stupid reasons?? Why??

Just now he call me...
He ask me.. "Are you ok?? Are you still angry with me??" Huh..for me..that is the one of stupid question that usually he ask me along our relationship..

Why??Why he still not realize that i am his future wife?? I need him a lot!! I need his love.. Why he still like that??

Only on this blog i can share everything.. I'm alone.. ALONE.. alone again... (T_T)

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Love, ♥ Nurulchumel ♥

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