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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Home » Today.. 15th April 2010..

Today.. 15th April 2010..

Hye readers..
Happy sgt hari ni sebab i da ok  with my boy..
Keje sume lancar je ari ni.. Seems like nothing problem happen to me before..
Hahaha..so lucky today, because i dpt book 2 teksi utk guest..i hope, byk la komisyen yg i earn from uncle ah boon nnt..last week i dpt RM 50 from him..hehe..gile kentang materialistik..hehe..
Actually, i bukan happy sebab tu..tp i happy sebab almost problem yg i faced already settle..
Balik rumah pun hati senang jew..tp ade gak sebenarnye mslh2 yg terselindung.. yg xley aq cite kat cni..
Hmm..tomorrow i will working at afternoon shift..boring seyh.. but never mind.. i will handle it demi my career terchenta!!

Ok.. tu jew entry for today.. !! mmuahh!! =)

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