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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Home » tOdaY is tuEsdaY..and tOdaY is HapPy dAY!!

tOdaY is tuEsdaY..and tOdaY is HapPy dAY!!

Today is Tuesday..
arghhh..a lot of work that i already done at my workplace just now..[so tired..]
see my face..

Hurrmmm..so sad.. :'(
Because of that, my colleague, Venniss Goh ask me to go to Jusco Bandaraya Melaka to eat "Sushi King"
Then i said, "hmm..sounds nice..but i don't have a lot of money to spend.."
She said, "never mind lah..just share with me..we pay together.."
Then I smile to her.. "Let's go after finish work today"..

Then we arrived to this place..
Tadaaaa....my favourite place are here!!!

Hehe.. I love so much this place..their food was very nice.. I love Japanese foods..
but i dislike "caviar"..huahaha...

This is my friend.. Venniss Goh..

Haha..and this is the sweetest girl in the world..keh3...!!!

So sweet!!! Hahahaha~~~~♥♥♥

Very nice all the dishes that we've order..most delicious!!mmmmmuaaaahhh!!
But it's depends to people.. for the 'sushi crazier' like me, its so lovely!!!

Compare it...

and this..



This moment make me smile alone..huh..crazy!!
Miss this moment..and i hope, we all will be a friend forever..

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