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Monday, April 5, 2010

Home » tOdaY..in histOrY..%^&^%^&

tOdaY..in histOrY..%^&^%^&

Hmm.. 2day, aq rase tension and too tired kat tmpt keje..
Bz nye aq..Tuhan saje yg tahu..
Dah la aq sorg yg keje pg td..luckily, ade si Edvyn, trainee from Stamford College yg tolong aq..
Kalo x, alamatnye, aq sorg jew la kat front desk tuh..
Dah la aq ni agak baru la kat situ..
Mane nk wat check out nye, nk wat group schedule, nk check key card, nk check bilik VC, pehhh...pastuh nk answering a lot of calling.. Tension!!!!!!!!!!
Ade operator pun cam xde jew..slalu sgt amek leave..
Sabo je la.. Maka, aq balik lmbt..
But now, i have released my tension... 
Because, abis jew keje, aq gi amek member aq, si Ros kat umah die..
kebetulan die offday ari ni..
kitorg gi Melaka Sentral carik tudung si Ros tuh..
Then, kitorg gi Jusco Melaka..
Maka aq pun men"shopping"kan diri aq..
Tu je dpt release kan tension aq..
Sume brg2 nk gi konvo da ready..tinggal pegi jew..
Puas ati aq da dpt bj kurung, da dpt kasut..
Yg penting, sok aq keje pagi..
I have to wake up early in the morning..by 5 o'clock!!!
So, i wanna go bed noW!!



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