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Thursday, September 30, 2010

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Salam Reader's!!~

the last time i text him just half an hour ago.

B da blik? Ya Allah..rindu nye syg kt b..

hmm. no answer.

never mind.
i hope, he will be fine.
i assume that he will remember me.
be patient.

~ .miss this moment. ~


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6 Chumel(s) comment ヅ:

Pinky Pixie said... [Reply Here Bebeh!]

sabar taw nurul. kdang2 take time juga.. =)

Siapa Lin?? said... [Reply Here Bebeh!]

sabar yek cik nurul..
knp x jumpa jek die cik nurul..
If lin...dah lama sangat..
Lin settlekan face to face...
kalu mesej x jawab..

lily lotus said... [Reply Here Bebeh!]

siannya..sabar yer..jap lagi replylah tu

Nurul chumel said... [Reply Here Bebeh!]

@Siapa Lin??

lin tau kan, nurul keje camne..
tp se busy mane pun i, i tetap ingat dia..

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