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Apahal pulak dengan WiFi aku neh?


Sehari suntuk I tunggu modem WiFi I turn to yellow colour. I ingat bila dah guna TM neh takde problem network. Nah. Sekarang ada problem. Susah betul nak online. Luckily I belum terminate Maxis Broadband I. Kalau tak, mati kutu lah I tak online. I dah la takde entertainment lain lagi dah. Member pun takde sangat kat Melaka neh. How boring!

I wish so much yang esok I dah boleh guna WiFi rumah neh. Penat I sign up. Jangan lah buat hal. Masalah betul time hujan. Kompem service not available. Tension betul. $^%&(*)(_(*)&^$%

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atien rashidi said... [Reply Here Bebeh!]

aww same goes to me .i pakai wifi streamyx mase hujan mmg tak bole connect . susa kan

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