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Sunday, January 8, 2012

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Next design done! | Blog Ixora Ila


Blog : Ixora Ila
Url : http://mrsfirdxora.blogspot.com/
Theme : Pink, bersifat keibuan.
Quote : Life. Love. Family

Amacam? Oke tak blog mommy neh?
Jom sama sama kita terjah! :')

Thanks for visiting my site.
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Love, ♥ Nurulchumel ♥

10 Chumel(s) comment ヅ:

Muka Bosan said... [Reply Here Bebeh!]

Nice edited..!! Congratulations! :D

Anonymous said... [Reply Here Bebeh!]

perghh...smart gila..

Azhafizah[フィザ] said... [Reply Here Bebeh!]

comelnye baby tu..nice la nurul lukis..nice design template juga >.<

mRsFirdxora said... [Reply Here Bebeh!]

thanks nurul...suka2...baru best nk blogging blk..hehe

Nurulchumel said... [Reply Here Bebeh!]


welcome kak!
thanks sebab suka design sy.. :)

Syieda™ said... [Reply Here Bebeh!]

canteknye..jelesnye tengok... =.=

akak syieda tag akak =.=

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