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Sunday, March 4, 2012

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Next design done! | Cyrus Amiera


Blog : Cyrus Amiera's Online Diary
Url : http://cyrus-amiera.blogspot.com/
Tema : Green Apple + Soft Pink

Actually akak neh pernah hire me last year. So, atas kepercayaan yang diberikan, she hire me for the second time untuk buat blog baru beliau. Blog yang lama tu she's already closed. So, korang boleh la lawat blog baru akak neh. Dia lah yang buat bisnes Fareeda, Vco, Catalyst tuh. Jom terjah!

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4 Chumel(s) comment ヅ:

chocolate.aholic said... [Reply Here Bebeh!]

salam..jnjalan ptg disini..pndainye edit..AraBella br nk blja2...free sudi2 la wat tutorial wat banner cunn~

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